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Christina Newhall

Contact Information

Email    christinalaree@G.UCLA.EDU
Office  Not Available

Fields of Study

Linguistic Anthropology


Language and identity; language ideologies; language revitalization; Native North American languages; the effects of neo-colonialism and globalization on indigenous populations

Grants and Awards

(2016) National Science Foundation GRFP

(2016) Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship

(2016) Aleut Foundation Scholarship

(2016) Jacobs Fund Research Grant

(2016) Helen Roberti Trust Fund Scholarship

(2016) University of Arizona Access Fellowship

(2015) University of Arizona Access Fellowship

(2015) (declined) UA Graduate Tuition Scholarship (GTS)


Paul V. Kroskrity
Norma Mendoza-Denton


M.A. Linguistics (2016), University of Arizona
B.S. Anthropology (2015), Southern Oregon University
B.A. Humanities (2013), Washington State University