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Emily Lucitt

Contact Information

Email    elucitt@ucla.edu
Office  Haines 360
I am an interdisciplinary psychological anthropologist interested in understanding how history comes alive for people.

I study narratives of personal experience with the supernatural. My current project for my MA Thesis involves the stories of interaction with the ghosts of a famous haunted house in Massachusetts. I am curious how people tell their stories to me and how they make sense of their experiences and personal belief systems. Theoretically, I believe that this data can be useful for the small yet growing field of “hauntology” which attracts scholars from sociology, philosophy and recently, anthropology and concerns ways in which we are “haunted” by past individuals as well as past social events or systems. After that, I plan to continue in this line of inquiry to Ireland to investigate the colonial ghosts still causing trouble for the living.

Fields of Study

Psychological Anthropology


Ghost stories, personal narratives, subjectivity, the self, embodiment, history, hauntology, phenomenology, New England, Ireland

Grants and Awards

UCLA Department of Anthropology Research Grant, 2013


Doug Hollan
Jason Throop
Marjorie Goodwin


B.A. Anthropology, University of California San Diego (2011)