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Onward and Upward! Papers in Honor of Clement W. Meighan
Keith L. Johnson (Editor) , Clement W. Meighan (Editor)

An exceptional collection of 18 original papers written by the leading authorities in their fields. More than 20 authors contributed to this outstanding festschrift in honor of Professor Meighan, founder of Wormwood Press. These papers reflect the diverse archaeological interests of Professor Meighan and offer critical insights into a range of subjects: Californian, German, Mesoamerican and Pacific Island archaeology and theories are explored. Coupled with heartfelt, personal revelations about Professor Meighan, this book stands out as a wonderful tribute to this professor's life work.

"ONWARD AND UPWARD" was one of Professor Meighan's favorite phrases, thus it serves as a fitting title to this important text.

Publisher: Stansbury Publishing

ISBN-10: 0976626918
ISBN-13: 978-0976626916