UCLA » College » Social Sciences » Anthropology
February 7, 2020
9:30am to 5:00pm
Luskin School of Public Affairs, Room 2355

Today student debt in the U.S. stands at 1.6 trillion dollars, but as recently as 1999 student debt was too insignificant to measure. This staggering increase in household debt is disproportionately held by communities of color and women of color in particular. Tuition is too damn high. And yet, this is a moment of radical possibility. Years of social movement organizing and visionary scholarship have made bold new forms of reparative public finance possible. Centering the work of social movements from South Africa to Puerto Rico, Turtle Island to the University of California, this event seeks to reimagine higher education, and to rethink reparative public goods more broadly amidst the ruins of neoliberalism and the longer histories of racial settler capitalism of which it is a part. 

Join us to reimagine the #FutureofFinance on Friday, February 7, 2020 for an all-day conference with keynotes by Barbara Ransby and Stephanie Kelton. Featured participants include Dylan RodríguezAndrew Ross, and Astra Taylor, alongside scholars and activists from #FeesMustFallThe Debt CollectiveThe Red NationThe $66 Fix, Puerto Rico's anti-austerity struggle, and more.

Tune into the Institute's social media channels and website for the livestream!