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Jordan Kiper

Postdoctoral Scholar

Contact Information

Email    jordan.kiper@ucla.edu
Office  Haines Hall A75


Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Connecticut (2018)

Selected Publications

Wilson, R.A., & Kiper, J. (In Press). Brandenburg in an era of populism: Risk analysis in the first amendment. Law and Public Affairs

Kiper, J. (In Press). How dangerous propaganda works. In P. Dojčinović (Ed.), Propaganda and International Criminal Law: From Cognition to Criminality. New York: Routledge.

Kiper, J. (2019). Cultivating Peace in the Heart of the BalkansSapiens. 22 February 2019: 

DiVietro, S., & Kiper, J. (2018). Revenge and Forgiveness in domestic violence intervention. In S. DiVietro & J. Kiper (Eds.), Perspectives on Forgiveness: Contrasting Approaches to Concepts of Forgiveness and Revenge (pp. 77-116). The Netherlands: Brill.

Kiper, J., & Sosis, R. (2017). The Logic and location of strong reciprocity: Anthropological and philosophical considerations. In M. Li & D. Tracer (Ed.), Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Fairness, Equity and Justice (pp. 107-128). New York: Springer. 

Kiper, J., & Sosis, R. (2016). Shaking the tyrant’s bloody robe: Evolutionary perspectives on intergroup conflict, religion, and ethnic violence. Politics and Life Sciences, 35(1), 27-40. 

Kiper, J. (2015). Toward an anthropology of war propaganda. Political and Legal Anthropology Review, 38(1), 129-146.


Anthropology of human rights; anthropology of religion; cognitive science; conflict resolution; peace studies; political and legal anthropology; propaganda; war and political violence; the Balkans