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R. J. Sinensky

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Food Production and Consumption by Mobile Farmers and Early Sedentary Societies

My research explores how and why diverse foodways and property management arrangements developed in early farming societies, and how communal food cultivation, storage, processing, and consumption practices contributed to the maintenance of such institutions. Archaeology provides one of the few opportunities to study the long-term sustainability, resiliency, and equitability of different resource management arrangements in precapitalist societies and can provide a greater historical context for modern strategies. My research also explores stability and change in food cultivation practices, preparation techniques, and consumption practices prior to and immediately following the appearance of sedentary villages in the US Southwest and Mesoamerica.

Fields of Study

Archaeology, Paleoethnobotany, Archaeobotany


Prehispanic archaeology of the US Southwest and northwestern Mexico; indigenous archaeology; early agriculture; low-level food producing societies; small scale societies; mobility; early village formation; agricultural demographic transitions; agricultural in marginal zones; anthropogenic ecology; paleoethnobotany; ground stone analysis; GIS, quantitative analysis; data visualization; Ancestral Puebloan; Kayenta; Tusayan; Hohokam; Mesoamerica; Late Archaic; Early Formative; cultural resource management; community archaeology


Sinensky, R. J. and Gregson Schachner 

Sinensky, R. J. and Alan Farahani
2018 Diversity-Disturbance Relationships in the Late Archaic Southwest: Implications for Farmer-Forager Foodways. American Antiquity 83(2):281-301. 

Grants and Awards

PaleoWest Foundation Graduate Scholarship, 2018

Society for American Archaeology Fred Plog Memorial Fellowship, 2018

Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society Research Grant, 2018

Wenner Gren Foundation Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, 2017

UCLA Graduate Research Fellowship, 2016


Gregson Schachner
Monica Smith
Richard Lesure
Amber VanDerwarker


Doctoral candidate, University of California Los Angeles (2017)
M.A. Anthropology, Northern Arizona University (2013)
B.A. Anthropology, The University of Arizona (2007)