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Message from our Chair and Vice Chairs

Anthropology Chair and Vice Chairs
Professors Brooke Scelza (Graduate Vice Chair),
Jason Throop (Chair),
Aomar Boum (Undergraduate Vice Chair)

There has never been a better time to study anthropology -- nor a better place to study it than UCLA. Examining the complexity of the human experience, past and present, our discipline encompasses the full sweep of the world’s cultures across time.

Careers in Anthropology

David Sackman (BA ’80) Chairman and CEO,
Lieberman Research Worldwide (LRW)

This course exposes students to the success stories of UCLA Anthropology Alumni, who share their professional journeys, insights, and advice for translating an Anthropology degree into a variety of career opportunities. The course is designed to help Anthropology undergraduates develop academic and professional skills in preparation for life after UCLA and to expand awareness of personal interests and needs to make deliberate career choices.

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