Mercedes Douglass

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Mercedes Douglass

Graduate Student


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Research Interest:

Performance/verbal artistry; education and local governance systems; NGOs, participatory politics, and democracy; language socialization; multimodal communication; Latin America and the Caribbean


Linguistic Anthropology and Medical Anthropology


2012 Is it Ever Just a Joke. In The Anthropology of Humor and Laughter. Martina Wolfova and Mercedes Douglass. Ewa Wasilewska, ed. Pp. 173-199. San Diego: Cognella

Awards & Grants

Cota Robles Fellowship (4-year award), UCLA, 2012

Departmental Merit Scholarship, University of Central Florida, 2004

Conference Presentations

2013    “Si no Hay Ningún Voluntario” (If There is no Volunteer): Crises of Democracy and the Hope of Prayer in a Roatanian Colonia. Presented at the American Anthropological Association, Chicago, IL. (Nov. 20).

2011    Empty Vessels, Overflowing Missionaries. In panel, Quests and Crises of Identification. Presented at the American Anthropological Association, Montreal, QC. (Nov. 16).

2011    NGOs and Participation Discourse. Graduate Course in Applied Anthropology.Guest Lecturer, University of Northern Arizona. (Sept. 27)

2011    Applying Linguistic Anthropology: NGOs and Participation Discourse. Guest Lecturer, University of Northern Arizona. Graduate Course in Applied Anthropology. (Sept. 27).

2011     EHR: Provider Experiences and Relational Models. Denham, Aaron, Lisa Hardy, Hunter Peden, and Mercedes Douglass. Presented first stage results to community members and stake holders. (Oct. 11).

2010    Hip Hop, Poetry, and Political Action. Guest Lecturer, University of Northern Arizona. Introductory course in Cultural Anthropology.  (Oct.).


B.A. Spanish and Journalism, Butler University (1998)

M.A. Anthropology, Northern Arizona University (2012)