Tyanna Slobe


Tyanna Slobe

Graduate Student

Email: tyanna@ucla.edu

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Research Interest:

Linguistic variation and identity; embodiment; prosody; interaction in institutions; language and gender; adolescence; high schools; youth political participation; Santiago, Chile; Los Angeles, CA


Linguistic Anthropology; Visual Anthropology


Slobe, Tyanna (2018). Style, Stance, and Social Meaning in Mock White Girl. Language In Society 47(4).

Slobe, Tyanna (2016). Creepy-Ass Cracker in post-racial America: Don West’s examination of Rachel Jeantel in the George Zimmerman murder trial. Text & Talk 36(5): 613-635.

Awards & Grants

National Science Foundation, Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant

UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship

UCLA International Institute Fieldwork Fellowship

International Gender and Language Association, Best Graduate Student Paper

UCLA Center for the Study of Women, Honorable Mention for Best Graduate Student Paper


B.A., English and Spanish, Colorado State University (2013)

M.A., Linguistics, University of Colorado (2015)