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Equipment Info and Reservations


The presentation remotes will work on Windows automatically.

Mac directions:
1. Plug the clicker's USB receiver into your mac and switch the clicker on.
2. The Keyboard Setup Assistant screen will come up. Click Continue
3. Press the up or down clicker key 3 times. Your Mac will say "Your keyboard cannot be identified." Click OK.
4. Select ANSI from the list that appears and click Done. Setup is complete.



To use the interactive features, download and install the following software from the Epson website.

Easy Interactive Driver 
Easy Interactive Tools (under Utilities) 

Easy Interactive Tools


Equipment reservations

Please contact Kate Royce to reserve A/V equipment, which includes:

  • 2 MacBook Pro laptops
  • 2 Windows laptops
  • Portable projector
  • cables and adapters 
  • webcam, speakers, microphone, extension cords, power strips, laser pointers
  • TV cart (TV, DVD, VCR)
  • slide projector