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COVID-19 Message

As a Department, we are committed to helping our staff, students and faculty find ways to navigate the unprecedented crisis that the Global COVID-19 Pandemic has brought upon us all. Knowing that many in our community will be facing serious challenges in the days, weeks, and months to come we hope that we can find ways to support each other in these uncertain times. As anthropologists, our community not only consists of students and faculty here at UCLA, but also the communities, organizations, and individuals with whom we collaborate and partner. We want to recognize the unique challenges and concerns that the COVID-19 pandemic brings. You can click Read More to find links to more targeted resources, but we want to encourage you all to reach out to departmental leadership, your instructors and advisors, and your colleagues and peers so we can address issues together.

Message from our Chair and Vice Chairs

Professors Aomar Boum (Undergraduate Vice Chair),
Jason Throop (Chair),
Erin Debenport (Graduate Vice Chair)


Careers in Anthropology

David Sackman (BA ’80) Chairman and CEO,
Lieberman Research Worldwide (LRW)

This course exposes students to the success stories of UCLA Anthropology Alumni, who share their professional journeys, insights, and advice for translating an Anthropology degree into a variety of career opportunities. The course is designed to help Anthropology undergraduates develop academic and professional skills in preparation for life after UCLA and to expand awareness of personal interests and needs to make deliberate career choices.

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