Student Groups

Biological Anthropology Society

The mission of the Biological Anthropology Society of UCLA is two fold. First, the society will be a means of facilitating communication between undergraduate students, graduate students, researchers, faculty, and professors. The direct interaction and communication between these groups will promote learning and a greater understanding of the various topics of study all encompassed under the umbrella that is biological anthropology. The second part of the society’s mission is to raise awareness and provide a semi-political voice for biological anthropology students on the UCLA campus. This includes, but not limited to, attending meetings and communicating with professors and administrators to ensure that biological anthropology student’s needs are addressed.

Cotsen Archaeology Association

The Cotsen Archaeology Association is a student organization dedicated to launching the careers of future archaeologists. The mission of the Association is to provide opportunities for: 1) Careers in archaeology, 2) volunteering and research, 3) networking with professional archaeologists, 4) hands-on archaeological learning. We accomplish this through working closely with the faculty and graduate students of the Cotsen.

Undergraduate Anthropological Association 

The Undergraduate Anthropological Association strives to bring together the Department of Anthropology & students interested in Anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles. We began in 2010 & have since evolved each passing year, improving in all aspects of our club. Members can easily interact with professors, TAs, & others involved in the Anthropology department. Membership at UAA is only a matter of attending a meeting, writing your e-mail on our mailing list, & talking to one of our Board members. We’re here to form new friendships, study groups, network, & most importantly, be a resourceful place for all of your Anthropologically related questions. Whether you have questions on how to get into research, graduate school, or how you can ace your classes, UAA is designed to assist you in any way that we can. More than half the members of UAA are transfer students, so we know how difficult the transition to a new school environment can be. Come to us with questions & leave with answers.