Anthro Courses

0-99 lower division undergraduate courses

100-199 upper division undergraduate courses

200-299 graduate courses

An “M” in front of a course number means the class is listed in two or more departments (M = multiple listed).  Example:  Anthropology M151 is the exact same class as Gender Studies M151.  The class is taught at the same time, in the same room, by the same instructor.

“C” in front of a course number stands for ‘concurrent’.   This is when an undergraduate and graduate level course is taught at the same time.  Example:  Anthro C144 and Anthro C243P.

The letters “P”, “Q”, “R”, etc. found after a course number don’t mean anything.  It was an easy way to add classes in a given subfield. Letters “A” and “B” found after a course number generally denote a sequence, but you may not always have to take “A” before taking “B”.

The Anthropology Department offers the choice of two contract courses:

Anthro 197: Literature based research – library research

Anthro 199: Project based research

Contract courses provide you the opportunity to conduct an independent study and research a topic of your choice under the supervision of a faculty member.  There is no specified “class time.”  You meet with the instructor whenever is convenient for both of you.  You should prepare a proposal/abstract of your proposed study and approach a faculty member to serve as your instructor/mentor. You and the faculty member will work out the details of the course.  You will then generate the appropriate “contract” by clicking on “Contract Courses” found on MyUCLA. You will need to obtain the instructor’s signature and submit the form to the undergraduate advisor.   Then the advisor will get approval and enroll you into the course.  The deadline is Friday of the 1st week of the quarter.  The Anthropology deadline is set to ensure time to get departmental approval, enroll you before the end of the second week, and avoid a late fee.

Only 2 Anthro 197/199s (taken for a letter grade), or up to 8 units total, may be used to satisfy the Upper Division Electives for the Anthropology major.


Enrollment for Anthropology Upper Division classes is restricted to Anthro majors and minors on the First Pass. Once the Second Pass begins everyone may enroll in the course.

Permission to Enroll number. It’s a 5 digit code that will allow students to enroll into the desired course.  Each department and/or faculty member will handle the distribution of PTE numbers differently.  In Anthropology the faculty member, not the staff, will issue PTE numbers.   If a class requires a PTE number, contact the professor.

Students should email the professor of the course and ask for a PTE number.  If that does not work, come to the first day of class and ask for a PTE number.

Students may take any Upper Division Anthropology Course that interests them.

Sometimes students need to take a lower division Anthropology course before they can begin taking an upper division class, particularly within the Biological and Linguistic subfields. If the student has taken the course or course equivalent and is still unable to enroll, please email the professor copying and pasting the section of their DARS/DPR that displays they have completed the prerequisite and request a PTE number from the professor.

Once transfer orientation sessions start in the summer, enrollment is restricted to new transfer students only.  You will have to wait until this restriction is lifted, which will happen sometime in September.  Do not make changes to your schedule during this time.  Check your MyUCLA for your enrollment time when you may change your schedule for the fall.

Course Credit

You will need to contact the undergraduate advisor in order to move the course to the requirement you would like it to fulfill.

The department does not pre-approve courses to satisfy a certain requirement.  You may petition to receive credit for the course AFTER its completion. You must attach a copy of the syllabus.

No, you cannot get credit for classes taken outside of UCLA while you are enrolled in classes at UCLA.  This is considered concurrent enrollment, and any classes taken outside of UCLA will not count (but your UCLA classes will).  If there is ANY overlap with UCLA and non- UCLA classes, even a number of days, it will not count.  This includes UCLA extension, which is not considered part of UCLA.

Students must check their DARS/DPR to see if the course substitution has been applied to the requested requirement after 1-2 weeks of submitting the petition. If the petition has been denied, students will receive an email stating the reason for denial.  If the petition does not include a syllabus, it will not be submitted for review.

No. All courses taken to fulfill the requirement for the major or minor must be taken for a letter grade.

Students must have at least a 2.0 GPA for BOTH the prep for the major AND the major requirements. Transfer students need to be aware that if you have taken Anthro 7,8, & 9 at your community college and you get a C- in Anthro 33 at UCLA, you will have to retake the course because your GPA for the prep for the major is under 2.0 (C- is below 2.0), and classes you took outside UCLA do not count toward your GPA.

The university permits students to repeat up to 16 units of coursework in which they received a grade of a C- or lower. They may repeat the same course only once.  The grade they receive on the second time will be calculated into their GPA (whether it was higher or lower than the first).  The original grade will remain on the student’s transcript, but will not be calculated into their UCLA GPA. If the student did not receive a grade of a C- or lower, or they repeat the course more than once, the course will be considered an “illegal repeat” and the student will not receive a grade or credit for the class.

Yes. Students will receive credit for their major for taking more than one Anthro Selected Topics In___ course, as long as they are two completely different topics.

You may ask for an incomplete when your work is of passing quality but is incomplete for a good reason.  An “I” grade will mean that only a small portion of the coursework remains to be finished such as a paper or final exam.  The granting of an incomplete is at the discretion of the faculty member.  It is very important to communicate with the faculty member before the final exam to request an incomplete.  The department strongly recommends that when requesting an “Incomplete, you also discuss a timeframe in which you will complete the work.  If an incomplete grade has been assigned, the work for the course MUST be submitted by the end of the next quarter that you are registered and enrolled, or the “I” will lapse to an “F.”  DO NOT re-enroll in the course while making up an incomplete grade.  Once the course work has been completed, follow up to make sure the grade is updated in DARS/DPR. A small fee is assessed by the registrar’s office to remove the “I” grade.

Declaring the Major/Minor

Students must complete at least two Anthropology courses and receive letter grades for both classes before switching into the major/minor.  Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in both Prep and Major coursework, and be able to complete the major/minor within their unit max. Students must meet with the undergraduate advisor to officially declare the major/minor. There is no pre-Anthropology major.

                                                                  It is possible for students to switch from the BA to the BS, and vice versa, if they are able to complete the major requirements and other university requirements within their unit maximum.  It is more difficult to transfer to the BS because of the high number of classes required in preparation for the major.

Yes, as long as you can complete both majors within your unit maximum.  Students that are double majoring must complete all of the preparation for each major and at least 2 upper division courses in each major before declaring the second major.  If your current major is outside the College of Letters and Sciences (such as Arts and Architecture, etc), you will need to file a form and get permission from both schools.  See your counseling unit. (CAC, AAP) for more info.

Study Abroad

It depends whether you do EAP (Education Abroad Program) or a non-UC program. For EAP, you are guaranteed to receive units for all the courses you take abroad.  BUT, the Anthropology Department cannot guarantee which requirements for the major they will satisfy. You are encouraged to petition whatever classes you take abroad to satisfy specific major requirements after you return from abroad, but you must wait until you receive credit for the classes on your DARS/DPR before you petition.  Be sure to bring in a hard copy of the syllabus.

For non-UC abroad programs, you are NOT guaranteed to receive units for the courses you take abroad.  Upon return, you will submit your transcript to the registrar’s office and they will determine if you will receive credit for your classes.  Also when you leave to study abroad, you must declare your status as “Planned Academic Leave” or PAL in order not to be dropped from UCLA.

Students should look at the MyEAP Course Catalog:


This shows all the classes taken by students within the last 5 years that have been approved by UCLA at your host school.  You can still take classes not on this list and receive credit for them.  If you want to get credit for the  Anthro major requirements, you should take upper division Anthro classes at your host school, as they are more likely to count toward your upper division electives requirement.

Every school is different and the time can vary up to several months.  Check your DARS/DPR.  You can also try contacting the UC EAP system wide office: http://eap.ucop.edu/ContactUs/Pages/default.aspx?src=hm-top-cont

A max of 12 upper division units taken through EAP can be applied toward the major by petition.  There is also a university rule that at least 6 upper division classes for the major must be taken at UCLA.

Transfer Students

It is recommended that transfer students take three classes during their first quarter at UCLA, with at least two Anthro courses. If all the Prep classes for the major have NOT been completed, it is recommended that they take them as early as possible. It is not mandatory to take all the Prep classes before enrolling in upper division Anthro courses.

The same way to get credit for any course taken outside of UCLA.  See the undergraduate advisor, fill out a petition, and attach a copy of the syllabus. The department does not pre-approve or guarantee beforehand that a course will satisfy a specific requirement.  After 1-2 weeks within turning in the petition, students should check their Degree Progress Report (DPR) or Degree Audit Report (DARS) to see if the course substitution has been applied to the requested requirement. Otherwise, students will receive an email specifying why the petition has been denied.

Transfer students can do an independent study (Anthro 197/199) to gain more experience with research. Independent studies are typically 2-8 unit courses that can be done for one quarter or over a span of several quarters.

Transfer students may also be particularly interested in applying for the Lemelson Honors Program. This is a 5-quarters long departmental undergraduate honors program for highly motivated students.  Applications will be available in the fall and are due towards the end of the fall quarter. The program then immediately begins in winter quarter.  Transfer students must be extremely proactive in securing a faculty advisor early in the year or over the summer.  For more info: http://www.anthro.ucla.edu/academics/lemelson-undergraduate-honors-program

Yes, because you haven’t taken any classes at UCLA yet, you don’t have a UCLA GPA.  You can still apply, but make sure you do well in your classes in the fall and find a faculty mentor.

University Requirements

All students must complete 60 upper division units before they graduate.  After you finish all your upper division classes for the major, the rest of the upper division units you need can be in ANY department.

All students must complete 35 of the last 45 units here at UCLA (in the College of Letters and Science, NOT outside UCLA, including UCLA extension).  Students attending EAP and non-EAP study abroad programs can petition to have modified senior residence, with 35 of the last 90 units earned in residence at UCLA.

All students must complete 24 upper division units in the major while in residence at UCLA.

180 units minimum, 216 units maximum.  Check your DARS/DPR.

You can petition to go over your maximum units with the registrar, and whether or not you get approval depends on how many classes you need.  See your college counselor for more info.


Through MyUCLA under Academics.