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Kyeyoung Park 박계영

Associate Professor

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Office  383 Haines
Phone  310-206-3363
Kyeyoung Park is associate professor of Anthropology and Asian American Studies at UCLA.

Her book, The Korean American Dream: Immigrants and Small Business in New York City (Cornell University Press, 1997), received the 1998 Outstanding Book Award from the Association for Asian American Studies.  Her current writing project is entitled, Migrants in the Hood: Korean Relations with Blacks and Latinos after Civil Unrest. This work includes the racial minority experiences of Koreans, Blacks, and Latinos, who were the three major players during the Uprising of 1992, by emphasizing the intersections between such communities in both empirical and theoretical senses.  She pays special attention to what Black–Korean tensions and Latino-Korean relations reveal about the dynamics and actors involved in the making of race, class, and culture within a particular historical and structural context of American society.  In a nutshell, it investigates the most controversial ethnic conflicts such as Black/Korean tension and the understudied Latino/Korean relations. 

She also jointly wrote a book (with Young-Kyun Yang, Okpyo Moon, Jeongduk Yi, and Su-hong Chae), Korean Americans Ethnic Relationship in Multiethnic Los Angeles (the Academy of Korean Studies, 2008), co-edited a book, Korean American Economy and Community In The 21st Century (the Korean American Economic Development Center, 2009) (with Eui-Young Yu, Hyojoung Kim, & Moonsong Oh), and edited a volume on Koreans in Latin America (under contract with University Press of Florida).   In addition, she edited/co-edited special issues of Amerasia Journal: Second Generation Asian Americans’ Ethnic Identity (1999) and How Do Asian Americans Create Places?  Los Angeles and Beyond (2008).  In 1997-98, she was a fellow at the Russell Sage Foundation.  She also served on the National Advisory Board of a multi-year national public education project sponsored by the American Anthropological Association and funded by NSF and the Ford Foundation on Race and Human Variation.



Ph.D., City University of New York (1990)


2013-14  Korea foundation, Center for Korean Studies (CKS), UCLA

2006-11  The Academy of Korean Studies, Deputy Program Chair, Korean Studies in Latin America, CKS

2009-10  The International Institute at UCLA, “Korean Routes of Migration in the Americas" America (PI)

2008-09  The Overseas Korea Foundation, Translation Grant for the Korean American Dream; Immigrants and Small Business in New York City; AAP (Academic Advancement Program) Faculty Recognition Award, UCLA

2005-06  The Academy of Korean Studies, Research Grant (Investigator): Korean American Encounters with Other Ethno-Racial Groups in the U.S.; The Korean American Economic Development Center, (Community) Research Grant  

2001-02  Institute of American Cultures and ISOP Faculty Research Award, UCLA; “Manufacturing Textile, Producing Differentiation: A South American  Case of Korean Immigrant Textile Industry.”

1998  Outstanding Book Award (Association for Asian American Studies) for book, Korean American Dream 

1997-98  Visiting Scholar Award, Russell Sage Foundation

1996-97  Institute of American Cultures, UCLA, “The Making of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture: 1992 Los Angeles Crisis and Korean, African, and Latin Americans.”

1993-97  Academic Senate Grant, UCLA, “The Making of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture: 1992 Los Angeles Crisis and Korean, African, and Latin Americans.”

1993-96  Center for Pacific Rim Studies, University of California, “Immigration Experience and Quality of Life: A Cross-National Study of Japanese and Koreans (in Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, and Seoul).” (Collaborator)

1994-95  Faculty Career Development Award, UCLA; Institute of American Cultures, UCLA, “The Korean American Dream: Discourses on Small Business Activities, Identities, and Cultures in Queens, New York.”

1993-96  National Institute of Health: Department of Health and Human Services; Public Health Service, “Ethnicity and Attitudes Toward Advance Care Directives.” (Investigator)

1992-93  Division of Graduate School, UCLA, “Ethnicity and  Socio-Political Participation in Los Angeles.” (Co-Principal Investigator)

1992-93  Center for Pacific Rim Studies, University of California, “Emergence of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Asian Immigrants in Los Angeles County: Medical and Cultural Factors.” (Collaborator)

1990  Service Award, Korean American Association of Flushing1998   Outstanding Book Award in History and Social Science, Association for Asian American Studies 

Selected Publications

(forthcoming) The "Foxes" Outfoxed: Contentions between Koreans and Jews in South American Textile Industries. DIALECTICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 38 (1): 17-39. DOI: 10.1007/s10624-014-9326-5

2014  A Rhizomatic Diaspora: Transnational Passage and the Sense of Place among Koreans in Latin America. URBAN ANTHROPOLOGY

2012  Analysis of Latino-Korean Relations in the Workplace: Latino Perspectives in the Aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles Civil Unrest. AMERASIA JOURNAL 38 (1): 143-169.

2010  Sources and Resources of Korean Immigrant Entrepreneurship. CRITICAL SOCIOLOGY 36 (6) November: 891-896.

2009  KOREAN AMERICAN ECONOMY AND COMMUNITY IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Co-edited with Eui-Young Yu, Hyojoung Kim, & Moonsong Oh). Los Angeles: Korean American Economic Development Center. 

2009 Introduction (Co-written with Hyojoung Kim, Moonsong Oh, & Eui-Young Yu). In KOREAN AMERICAN ECONOMY AND COMMUNITY IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Co-edited with Eui-Young Yu, Hyojoung Kim, & Moonsong Oh, 1-28. Los Angeles: Korean American Economic Development Center.      

2008  The Contested Nexus of Los Angeles Koreatown: Capital Restructuring, Gentrification, and Displacement (with Jessica Kim). AMERASIA JOURNAL 34 (3): 127-150. 

2008  How Do AsianAmericans Create Places? Los Angeles and Beyond. Special Issue of AMERASIA JOURNAL (Ed). 

2008  KOREAN AMERICANS ETHNIC RELATIONSHIP IN MULTIETHNIC LOS ANGELES (with Young-Kyun Yang, Okpyo Moon, Jeongduk Yi, and Su-hong Chae); in Korean). The Academy of Korean Studies. 

2008  Foundations of Violence: Korean Vendors and Powerless Customers in South Central Los Angeles. In KOREAN AMERICANS ETHNIC RELATIONSHIP IN MULTIETHNIC LOS ANGELES (in Korean), 221-267. The Academy of Korean Studies.

2008  Introduction: Korean American Studies and the Los Angeles Korean American Community. In KOREAN AMERICANS ETHNIC RELATIONSHIP IN MULTIETHNIC LOS ANGELES (with Jeongduk Yi; in Korean), 11-43.  The Academy of Korean Studies.

2005  Korean Americans.  In MULTICULTURALISM IN THE UNITED STATES, 281-297. Lorman A. Ratner and John D. Buenker, editors. Greenwood Press.

2005  Koreans in the United States. In ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DIASPORA, 993-1003. Melvin Ember, Carol R. Ember, and Ian Skoggard, editors. New York: Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) at Yale University.

2004  Challenging the Liquor Industry In Los Angeles. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY AND PUBLIC POLICY 24 (7/8): 103-136.

2004  Where Do We Go From Here? The Virginia Tech Shootings and the Korean American Community. JOURNAL OF KOREAN LANGUAGE EDUCATION 20: 89-120.         

2002  10,000 Senora Lees: The Changing Gender Ideology in the Korean Diaspora as Reflected in the Clothing Industry.  AMERASIA JOURNAL 28 (2): 161-180.

2000 Sudden and Subtle Challenge: Disparity in Conception of Marriage and Gender in the Korean American Community.  In CULTURAL COMPASS: ETHNOGRAPHIC EXPLORATIONS OF ASIAN AMERICA, 159-74. Martin Manalansan, editor.  Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

2000  The Unspeakable Experiences of Korean Women Under Japanese Rule. WHITTIER LAW REVIEW 21(3): 567-619.

1999  “I’m Floating in the Air”: Creation of a Korean Transnational Space among Korean-Latino-American Re-Migrants.”  POSITIONS: EAST ASIA CULTURES CRITIQUE 7(3): 667-695.

1999  “I Really Do Feel I’m 1.5!”: The Construction of Self and Community by Young Korean Americans.”  AMERASIA JOURNAL 25(1): 139-64. 

1999  Second Generation Asian Americans’ Ethnic Identity.  AMERASIA JOURNAL 25(1): ix-xiii.

1998  Attitudes Toward Patient Autonomy Among Elderly Korean-Americans. (With G. Frank, L. Blackhall, S. Murphy, and V. Michel). MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY QUARTERLY 12(4): 403-423.

1998  The Rise of Sisters in Korean America: The Shift to Women- Centered Kin Organization (in Korean). In KOREAN ANTHROPOLOGY: ACHIEVEMENTS AND PROSPECTS, 415-443. The Editorial Committee. Seoul, Korea: Gipmundang


1997  Multicultural Friendship Tour to Korea.  ANTHROPOLOGY NEWSLETTER  American Anthropological Association  (October), 23.

1996  Use and Abuse of Race and Culture: Black/Korean Tension in America. AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST 98 (3): 3-11.

1996  The Morality of a Commodity:  A Case Study of ‘Rebuilding L.A. without Liquor Stores.  AMERASIA JOURNAL 21:1-27.

1995  The Re-Invention of Affirmative Action: Korean Immigrants’ Changing Conceptions of African and Latin Americans.  URBAN ANTHROPOLOGY 24: 59-92.

1995  Black/Korean Tension: Triangulating Class at the Crossroads of Race and Ethnicity. In KOREA AND THE WORLD: STRATEGIES FOR GLOBALIZATION, 3-23. Eui Hang Shin & Yan Kim, editors. Columbia, SC: Center for Asian studies at the University of South Carolina.

1994  The Korean-Black Conflict and the State.  In THE NEW ASIAN IMMIGRANTS IN LOS ANGELES AND GLOBAL RESTRUCTURING, 264-94. P. Ong, E. Bonacich, and L. Cheng, editors. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

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1990  Conception of Ethnicities by Koreans: The Workplace Encounters. KOREA OBSERVER XXI (1): 13-30.

1989  Born Again: What Does It Mean to Korean-Americans in New York City? JOURNAL OF RITUAL STUDIES 3 (2): 289-303.

1989  Impact of New Productive Activities on the Organization of Domestic Life: A Case Study of the Korean American Community. In FRONTIERS OF ASIAN AMERICAN STUDIES, 140-50. Gail M. Nomura et al., editors. Pullman: Washington State University.


Inequality (e.g., race, class, and gender); identity; migration/diaspora; transnational and global processes; critical and multicultural theory; Korean/Asian American Community; Korean/Asian Diaspora; Koreans/Asians in Latin America

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