Elizabeth Bromley


Elizabeth Bromley


Email: ebromley@mednet.ucla.edu

Phone: 310-794-3734

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Dr. Bromley’s research focuses on the therapeutic beliefs and institutional contexts that shape clinical practices. Her dissertation examined stakeholder inclusion and priority-setting in schizophrenia research. She and her collaborators have developed a video ethnography method for assessing everyday functioning in schizophrenia; and have explored perceptions of community integration in individuals with serious mental illness. Dr. Bromley has used mixed-methods to evaluate the implementation of recovery and shared decision-making in public mental health clinics. Her current projects focus on research ethics in community-partnered research, mental health stigma, and physician depression.


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PhD, Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles (2008)

MD and MA, History of Health Sciences, University of California, San Francisco

BA, Rice University