Applications for teaching in Summer 2022

The Anthropology department is currently soliciting applications for teaching in summer 2022

If you are interested in applying to teach, you must have either one academic year (three academic quarters or two semesters) of collegiate or university teaching experience or your doctorate. Please submit a 1-page cover letter listing each of the courses you are interested in, a current CV and teaching evaluations. Please include a sample syllabus and a brief course description for each course you are interested in. The application deadline is Tuesday, November 16th. We hope to make tentative summer teaching offers in early February. Finally, please note that final drafts of course syllabi will have to be submitted to and approved by the Department at least two weeks prior to the beginning of instruction (June 6th for session A and July 18th for session C).

You will be expected to teach all of the classes and cannot have others substitute unless an unforeseen illness or emergency intervenes. In that case, you will need to contact Undergraduate Vice Chair Abigail Bigham for approval of the person you will be asking to teach the class in your absence. Please note that if a course has low enrollment prior to the summer session starting, it may be canceled.

Session A will be June 20, 2022 – July 29, 2022. Session C will be August 1, 2022- September 9, 2022.

Session A

Anthro 3 – Culture and Society
Anthro 110 – Principles of Archaeology
Anthro 124S – Evolution of Human Sexual Behavior Anthro 134 – Anthropology of Migration
Anthro 135 – Visual Anthropology
Anthro 137P – Anthropology of Deviance and Abnormality Anthro 142P – Anthropology of Religion
Anthro 146 – Urban Anthropology
Anthro 154Q – Gender & Language in Society

Session C

Anthro 1 – Human Evolution
Anthro 4 – Culture and Communication Anthro 126P – Paleopathology
Anthro 132 – Anthropology of the Environment Anthro 133 – Anthropology of Food
Anthro 143 – Economic Anthropologyz
Anthro 145S – Culture, Gender, and Sexuality Anthro 153 – Language and Identity
Anthro 161 – Latin American Communities

Applications should be emailed to,. The application deadline is Tuesday, November 16th, 2021.

For more information about any of the courses listed, please review the General Catalog, available here: If you have any questions, please let me know at