Alumna Ashleigh Kaspszak talks about her studies at UCLA and her career in marketing and PR

Ashleigh Kaspszak, UCLA alumna and Director of Marketing and Public Relations for The New Mart in downtown Los Angeles: “I went to school at UCLA, I was the first of my family to go to college. I studied anthropology and philosophy so I was definitely reading all the time, and I still use that material today… And everyday I don’t know how not to use my degree. I think what Anthropology taught me was to understand people and cultures and communication and how to visually represent yourself with some cultural sensitivity. Right? I mean you can’t for example tried to sell a leather handbag line to somebody maybe from India if they worship the cow. You can see how that would be a major conflict. For so to be aware of business environments and cultural sensitivities, I think is essential in today’s business environment.”The podcast is available here.