Universities.com rates UCLA the #1 university for undergraduate anthropology degrees in the US

Check out the rankings!  There has never been a better time to study anthropology — nor a better place to study it than UCLA. Examining the complexity of the human experience, past and present, our discipline encompasses the full sweep of the world’s cultures across time. Anthropologists investigate such challenging questions as how humans evolved and came to adapt to diverse environments, what led to the rise of urban life, what causes disease and death, how people imbue their lives with meaning, and how language reflects and shapes social life. Anthropology seeks to draw back the curtain on humankind’s most vexing problems from intractable political conflicts to the human consequences of globalization. Anthropologists also study such contemporary issues as how the new media influences the ways we experience the world and how individuals and families balance the increasingly diverse demands in their lives.UCLA’s Department of Anthropology honors the full breadth of the discipline. Our faculty and students conduct research in all parts of the globe including the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Islands. Many also work locally in Los Angeles, throughout California, and across the U.S.Our undergraduate major offers tracks toward the B.A. and B.S. degree; a minor is also available. We also offer undergraduates a wide range of research opportunities including assisting with faculty and graduate student projects and developing research of their own design. In addition, we’re delighted to announce new undergraduate research opportunities through a generous gift from Professor Robert B. Lemelson for the establishment of the Lemelson Undergraduate Honors Program.