Joshua L. Mayer

Joshua L. Mayer

Graduate Student


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Research Interest:

Territory; racial capitalism; Indigenous & Afrodescendant social movements; settler colonialism; sovereignty; activist methods; political and legal anthropology; environmental anthropology; Nicaragua; Latin America


Sociocultural Anthropology


2021. Mayer, J. L. “Conceptualizing Settler Colonialism in Nicaragua.” Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems and World Economic Development 49, no. 3–4: 195–245.

2020. Betts, J. T., J. F. Mendoza Espinoza, A. J. Dans, C. A. Jordan, J. L. Mayer, and G. R. Urquhart.

“Fishing with Pesticides Affects River Fisheries and Community Health in the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve, Nicaragua.”Sustainability 12, no. 23: 10152.

2020. Mayer, J. L. “One Degree Removed: MLR Forestal’s Ties to Indigenous and Afro-Descendant Rights Violations.” The Oakland Institute. October 29.

2020. Mittal, A., J. L. Mayer, and K. O’Neill. “Is Nicaragua for Sale? Foreign Mining Companies Are Eager to Buy.” The Oakland Institute. October 29.

2019. Mayer, J. L. “Negotiating Consultation: The Duty to Consult and Contestation of Autonomy in Nicaragua’s Rama Kriol Territory.” In Indigenous Struggles for Autonomy: The Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, edited by Luciano Baracco, 99–130. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

2018. Mayer, J. L. “Behind the Fire that Propelled Nicaragua’s Uprising.” NACLA News. December 12.

Awards & Grants

UCLA, Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2022

UCLA, Collegium of University Teaching Fellows, 2021

National Science Foundation, Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant (Cultural Anthropology), 2019

Social Science Research Council, International Dissertation Research Fellowship, 2019

Fulbright U.S. Student Program, Research Grant (Nicaragua), 2014


BA magna cum laude, Political Science, Amherst College (2013)
MA Social Sciences, University of Chicago (2016)