Matthew McCoy


Matthew McCoy




Teaching Spring 2021
ANTHRO 136A: Psychological Anthropology


(Forthcoming) McCoy, Matthew. “I will not die on this street: Thinking things over in conflicted Belfast.” Ethos.

(Forthcoming) Duranti, Alessandro and Matthew McCoy. “Language and Creativity, Theoretical Aspects Of: Improvisation.” The International Encyclopedia of Linguistic Anthropology.

Awards & Grants


(extramural in bold)

  • The 2017 Condon Prize for Best Student Essay in Psychological Anthropology, Society for Psychological Anthropology, $500
  • Hayman Fellowship, The University of California Interdisciplinary Psychoanalytic Consortium, 2016-2017, $10,000
  • Herb York Global Security Fellow, Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC), United States Department of Energy 2015-16, $18,000
  • Dissertation Research Fellowship, Center for European and Russian Studies (CERS) at UCLA, 2016, $4,100
  • Maurice J. & Fay B. Karpf Peace Prize, 2015-2016, $4,000
  • Dean’s European Fellowship, UCLA, 2015-2016 $2,500
  • Graduate Research Mentorship, UCLA, 2014-15, $20,000
  • Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, UCLA, Summer 2014, $6,000
  • Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, UCLA, Summer 2013, $6,000
  • UC Berkeley Anthropology Fellowship, 2012, $6,00


Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles (2020)
M.A., University of California Berkeley (2012)
M.F.A., San Jose State University (2010 )
B.A., University of Washington (2004)