Sita Mamidipudi

Sita Mamidipudi

Graduate Student


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I am an environmental anthropologist with an interest in how climate precarities and environmental dispossession intersect with labor and political belonging. My dissertation project is based in the Little Rann of Kutch, a region along the Western coast of India usually flooded by rainwater and the sea during the four months of the monsoon, and a saline desert for the rest of the year as the water recedes. In my past, I worked as an educator and researcher in India at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and at ANANDI India, with publications in the fields of environmental anthropology, land rights, sexual violence, access to healthcare, and feminist solidarities. At UCLA, I have helped teach undergraduate courses in cultural, linguistic and biological anthropology, on race and racism, indigeneity and gender. In India, I taught graduate courses on queer theory, development studies, global women’s movements, gender and citizenship and public health.